my new violette vernis agenda (pics)

  1. just wanted to share my new agenda!! I love the color so much I couldn't resist buying it although i have to admit i'm not a very organized person and i hardly have anything to write in the agenda. But on the bright side, i would definitely want to try to plan things now with this lovely thing.

    also, i got a pen/mechanical pencil that fits perfectly in the agenda pen holder!!

    so happy with everything. thanks for enjoying this with me!!

    violette vernis agenda 3.JPG violette vernis agenda 4.JPG violette vernis agenda 2_resize.JPG
    Love it - enjoy :smile:
  3. I just got mine as well - we're twins! Where'd you pick up your pencil-pen? I'm curious as to what will fit in that tiny little holder!
  4. Beautiful colour, congrats!! :tup:
  5. looks great!!! i'm glad you got a piece of violette pie. just be careful with the pen because vernis attracts pen stains and they won't come off.
  6. It's very pretty!
  7. Very pretty...Congrats!
  8. Beautiful! I wanted amarante but when I saw this new color I changed my mind and I love it!
  9. Wow, the color is GORGEOUS in your photo. Congrats!
  10. i love it!!
  11. ooooooo....! GORGEOUS! GREAT TASTE! :drool:
  12. Oh, I Love It!
  13. Congrats!
  14. Wow...beautiful...congrats on your purchase.
  15. absolutely gorgeous!!! i already have one in pomme, but now i want this one too. so pretty!