My new violette pochette cles cadenas!

  1. So, inspired by PurseNut911, I had to go out and get myself one of the new pochette cles cadenas! I had to return something to LV anyway, so I ran over the Copley LV and exchanged it for this little cutie!

    To make this thread worthwhile, I took a bunch of pics of it on different bags. I love the jingle of the lock and key, and its so shiny and pretty! It feels hefty, too - makes me feel a little better about spending so much on it! Totally worth it, though - I'm gonna put it on all my bags. I like it better than tying bandeaux on, I don't like them flapping around.

    The Copley LV has the new vernis violette on display too - its a beautiful purple!

    Now pics! Sorry if they're not awesome, my camera is terrible, I really need a new one!
    pochette cles cadenas violette.jpg PH w cadenas.jpg city w cadenas 2.jpg petit noe w cadenas.jpg speedy w cadenas.jpg
  2. Yay!!!! I'm so happy that you got the pochette cles cadenas!! I couldn't make up my mind on which color to get so I had to have DH choose it for me. lol Congratulations!! Love it!!!!!:woohoo:
  3. Congrats! it's lovely!
  4. beautiful the lookbook pics do these beauties no justice at all
  5. It looks great on all your bags especially the balenciaga!!
  6. It looks great hanging off any bag! Congrats! :biggrin:
  7. super pretty, I love it, congrats!
  8. Congrats - I also want one of these.:sweatdrop:
  9. OMG!!! Super cute!!!! Congrats!!!
  10. Congrats! It's so cute!
  11. Very snazzy!!!! I love it on your bags!
  12. I really like the lock & key, cute charm- congrats!
  13. Wow!! It's so cute!!! Sorry... how much and does it come in other colors? I've never seen any pics of it previously!! Love it! (And I love the little skeleton key!)
  14. Very nice ... I love it! Congrats!
  15. So pretty on the Speedy!