My new Violet First from Aloha Rag

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  1. Here are a couple of pictures of my new Violet First from Aloha Rag. The leather is really nice, and the tassels are the normal thick ones that are on all of my other bags.

    With Flash

    In the sun
  2. WOW she's beautiful! do you love her?!!
  3. Impasto, OMG! Congratulations!
    I Missed the Fed Ex guy today, i am so bummed! I can't wait to get mine:drool:
    You scored big time, you must be soooo excited:nuts:
    Great photos, by the way! Please post modeling pics when you can. I think this will be a classic:tup:
  4. I do! Oh I do, it's a perfect little bag. I think I have to sit on it a while, because I didn't open the box and go WOW!... I'm so in love with my Vert Gazon bag that others pale in comparison!
  5. This is so pretty! Congrats!
  6. gorgeous bag! congrats and enjoy your new bag x
  7. What does the back of yours look like? Is it smooth or distressed? I was so excited to see another one of these babies! I LOVE THIS BAG! Congratulations!
  8. this bag is gorgeous!! and the leather is TDF!! Congrats on your new purchase!!
  9. sOO cute and perfect!! cOngrats!
  10. It's distressed, but really smooth and thick. IF that makes any sense!
  11. so pretty! loving it. congrats on your violet!
  12. What a beautiful bag and your pics are incredible. Congrats!
  13. That is how i exactly felt when i opened my box.:sad: I did not go wow over the Violet First as i thought i would but the leather on your bag is TDF.:tup:
  14. congrats very purrrty!!!
  15. she's perfect. i love love the color. amazing. congrats!!!!