My new Violet Coin Purse!

  1. Here is a pic of my new violet coin purse. thanks to aaallabama for letting me know where to find this little beauty!

    It contrasts nicely with my vert gazon day!

  2. It is lovely and oh so cute! Congrats!
  3. Ohhhh it's sooo cute!!! Congrats!!! I really want a coin purse now!!!
  4. It's adorable and the leather looks amazing!!
  5. One word - GORGEOUS!:tup:
  6. Very cute!
  7. Whooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!! That's stunning.. absolutely stunning. :drool:
  8. it's so pretty!!! i just got my first coin purse (ink) and i love how much they hold :heart:
  9. it's beautiful! congrats!
  10. :tup:
    Congratulations!!! I am just crazy for this color being used on this little accessory! Yes, for me the color was too dark in the City style, but I think it's perfect for the Coin Purse. I highly recommend it for everyone who loves the Coin Purse, or for someone who's never tried the CP style before, which was me until two weeks ago! I am so glad aaalla led you to her!!!
  11. adorable! congrats!
  12. wow your coin purse is TDF! so jealous!
  13. Congrats!
  14. another gorgeous coin purse & in yummy violet too! lucky you! :girlsigh:
  15. Gorgeous...i was about to purchase one too....can't wait to receive the violet coin purse as well~