My "new" vintage pinky ring

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  1. I have gradually been transitioning to all white gold or platinum and when I got my new diamond bracelet, I wanted to wear it alone without a watch. I had been wearing my original ER stones - oval and trillions set in a gypsy pinky ring.
    So I asked my mother if I could have what was called in the 60's a dinner ring. It was only worn on formal occasions and never during the day! Now i wear it all the time. I swear this is it - no more bling.:biggrin:

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  2. It is beautiful! I love vintage pieces!
  3. Oh Shanam...STUNNING!
    If 62 is the new 40...I must be in my 30's!!! Thank you. :smooch:
  4. What a great ring - love its uniqueness!
  5. I really like it-very unique!
  6. Gorgeous! It is like a creature from the sea!

    I'm jealous now and I want a dinner ring too! :biggrin:
  7. ^^^it's funny that you say it reminds you from a creature from the sea. i used to always call it the "shrimp ring" -maybe because of the twirly effect. The prongs for the center stone are set with a curve as opposed to straight up. i can't get a decent picture myself but will work on it.
    TIA for your compliments :>)
  8. this is gorgeous, shanam! i also love vintage/estate pieces—what a find!!!
  9. Love it!
  10. Oh my..THIS IS GORGEOUS!!!!!! Love it as a pinky ring...congrats!!! Drooling on my keyboard!! My mom gave me her engagement ring and I wear it on my pinky as well..she has tiny fingers and mine are worked out good!!! Enjoy!!
  11. I love this!! Wear it in good health! :smile:
  12. Absolutely stunning!
  13. so pretty! congrats
  14. I love this ring, what a beautiful vintage piece! :smile: Congratulations.