My new Vintage Gucci

  1. Here she is:

    I am seriously thinking of starting a vintage gucci collection. I just love this bag so much. There are so many cute ones floating around!!
    Do you guys like it?
  2. a true classic......congrats!
  3. I ADORE this bag...I think I told you this was the first designer bag I owned...wayyyyyy back in like 7th or 8th grade...NICE!! I would love to have another one.
  4. Yeah I remember you saying that J! I am really looking into getting some more like it. The older guccis with that coated canvas are fab. No worries about them getting dirty! Did you get my last pM?
  5. Nice! I love vintage Gucci and Fendi.

    Good pick!!! :smile:
  6. I'm thinking of getting the same one on ebay! or the brown one. I love vintage Gucci too. And they're all at really good prices off ebay.
  7. Gorgeous! I too have been considering picking up and vintage Gucci or two.
  8. The bag looks fab! Love the colors... BTW, looks like you've got a bit of a collection going there from the picture! I'm going to have to check your Showcase thread. :graucho:
  9. That's really pretty and in such excellent condition. I really love some of the old Gucci stuff, maybe better than the new ones.
  10. i LOVE it!!!
  11. I agree. I used to adore Gucci in the 80's and lately I just dont find to many things that do it for me. I dont know if i like the designs of the old Gucci or if its a nostalgia buy! LOL
  12. nice! im scared of vintage ones though because of the fake ones.. my mom has a similar bag but the inside has peeled and the canvas has yellowed a bit :smile:
  13. Nice bag, where did you get that bag? I love it and it's in good condition.
  14. I love it!!
  15. That is beautiful! It's in really great condition. It's like you just walked out the store with it. I love it!