My new Vintage Gucci

  1. I havent even paid for it yet but I am going to tommorow! My new vintage gucci:
    [​IMG]:heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:

    Isnt she cute!!
  2. Can't see the pic
  3. Oh never bad. Sorry. Mods you can close this thread.
  4. I can see the pic! Pretty!
  5. Adorable ! I love it !
  6. That's a beautiful vintage piece! I love it!
  7. classy. how many "jobs" does this set you back?
  8. :huh::huh:oH u set the record for snatching this one up!!!!!congrats!
  9. can't see :cry:
  10. ^me too:cry:
  11. it's beautiful!!!
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