My new vintage Chanel!

Mar 13, 2006
So, here it is. This bag needs repair but I love it SO much! I'll try to go to the boutique this weekend and see if I can get it cleaned/repaired!

What do you all think? Does anyone know how old this bag is?

Thank you!


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Where your BOSS at ?
Sep 7, 2006
Where'd Yah Get Her And How Much She Cost
;ovely Bag.
I Just Got My Medallion Back From Refurb And It Looks Brand Spanking New,
It Will Take About 8 Weeks
Mine Was Gone Exact 8 Weeks
Mine Was Free Of Charge Thru Neimans
Let Me Know How Much It Cost Out Of Pocekt.
I Got And Older One I Want Re Done
Mar 13, 2006
Thank you!

I just realized that "CHANEL" is written in silver while the hardware is gold...isn't that a sign of a fake???? I am so worried now! I bought this bag from a consignment store that I go to all the time. They promised authenticity (the owner has been in business for 18 years now and is well known in the neighborhood). Now that I have doubts, I'm afraid to go to a boutique because what if it's a fake???

If I do decide to go to a boutique, I'll let everyone know how much it is to clean, redye, and change CC closure on this bag.


More Chanel Please!
Mar 23, 2006
I would also post in the authenticate thread and have Michele and the experts take a look about authenticity.

In any case I really like it and check this out Lovin My Bags Services

This is a website' Lovin my Bags Services i and it has been reccomended somewhere in the forum but I do not remember the thread.

Good luck
Mar 13, 2006
After doing some crazy research online and reading authenticity tips in this forum, I am almost positive that this bag is a fake. I just can't believe that I bought a fake Chanel! Here's my list of the things that I THINK are wrong with it:

(1) The writing on the inside is silver while the hardware is all gold;

(2) The CC closure is a little off in the front of the bag (not aligned properly...but I do see the same on one of my authentic bags though);

(3) The writing on the back of the CC closure on the inside of the flap is not in the right direction (all the authentic bags that I saw on this forum have their "Chanel" on the left and "Paris" on the right of the hole...mine is the opposite). Please correct me if this direction thing is incorrect;

(4) The right side of the bottom of the bag is not sewed correctly (the left side is ok);

(5) One of my authentic bags has the quilt aligned the SAME way from top to bottom in the front and the back. The quilt on this bag is NOT aligned properly (please see the pics in the beginning of this thread);

(6) "Chanel" written in silver on the pocket inside looks somewhat sloppy;

(7) The leather embossed CC on the inside of the flap is going out of boundaries on the left side...the top left part of C goes beyond the stitching.

Wow, and I couldn't see some of these "flaws" in the store? I am SOOOO angry and disappointed! I am going back to the store tomorrow to try and get my money back. They have no returns/exchanges policy but they do guarantee authenticity. I bought SO many things from that store as well as sold a few of my own. I trusted the owner with authenticity and am very disappointed right now! They better give me my money back! Think the list will convince her the bag is a fake?

I never buy bags/accessories on Ebay (learned the hard way) and, from now on, I won't shop at consignment stores!!!!! *TEAR*
Mar 13, 2006
Oh dear. I'm so sorry to hear about this. What are you going to do about this?

Thank you! I'm going back to the store today to see if I can get my money back. Or at least see why the owner of the store thought it was authentic. Again, I am not 100% sure that the bag is fake, so I want to hear her side of the story as well. But buying this bag was the last time shopping for a Chanel bag at a place other than a well-known department store, or the boutique itself.

I'll keep you updated on what happens!