My New Vintage Chanel Bracelet- Pics and Questions

  1. So I just got a new to me vintage chanel bracelet. I have a few questions though- if anyone knows....

    Which way does it look better? With the toggle out or the chain/ leather out?

    Do you think Chanel can add a link to it? It's a wee bit tighter than I would like.

    What does the 2 and 6 mean on the bit that says "chanel"?

    IMG_5839.JPG IMG_5840.JPG IMG_5849.JPG IMG_5855.JPG IMG_5856.JPG
  2. I have Juicy bracelets just like that and I like to have the leather out. :biggrin:

    Lovely Chanel though! Not sure what the 2 and 6 mean though.
  3. I like the leather out! :yes:
  4. So pretty! I'm curious about the 2&6 too.
  5. Don't know the answers to your questions but that is a lovely bracelt finn! leather out and toggle in.
  6. Not sure about if Chanel can add length to it but I prefer leather out as well!

    Lovely vintage piece!
  7. ooh leather out seems to be winning! thanks everyone!
  8. H, that is beautiful, love it!
    With the leather in, it definitely says Chanel to me, KWIM? But I also like it better with the leather out.
  9. love the braclet, I am not sure what 2 & 6 mean though?
  10. congrats! ;)
  11. thats so cute !
  12. hmmmm, on my vintage Chanel (1996) there is a "p" and then a "96" on each side of the teeny circle with the tiny CC in the middle of it. are you sure its not a "92" for the year 1992? or some semblance of that? anyway, its a fabulous bracelet
  13. Maybe it's 2006... as if the CC symbol were supposed to be like two zeros! Hahah well that's just me imagining. Lovely bracelet!

    Edit. Nevermind, I just noticed the title of the thread was My New Vintage Chanel... lol :push:
  14. Very nice :biggrin: Congrats!
  15. love the bracelet I say leather out!