my new vintage chanel bag...

  1. So i was on my way to get a coffee yesterday morning when i decided to stop in the antique market across from my apartment. Let me just preface this with I was so not in the market for a new bag, really just a coffee! But then out of the corner of my eye, I notice her on the shelf gleaming and in perfect condition and well I obviously couldnt say no to chanel!!:smile:
    my new bag.JPG 1.jpg
  2. Wow she is gorgeous! Congrats
  3. thats beautiful. whats it made out of? jersey?
  4. thank you, im very excited about her :smile:

    Its fabric..
  5. Wow, look how it shines. It doesn't look vintage at all. What is the hologram number, maybe I can help you date the bag.

  6. I know it really is in perfect shape, I couldnt belive it. How do i find the hollogram number?
  7. Oh my god wow! That is soooo gorgeous! Is it really vintage? How much did you pay?? Oh and off topic, but I also like your pillow bedding. Very pretty!
  8. great snag! I'm curious as to when it was made too! Whoever the owner was, she took excellent care of it.
  9. That is a gorgeous oxymoron!!! LOL (NEW/VINTAGE)
    FABULOUS FIND!!!! Congrats.
  10. Ooooh, so gorgeous, the texture looks so rich... men will never understand how a cup of coffee could turn into a purse....hahaha
  11. she is lovely!
  12. Woww it's absolutely beautiful... Would love to know what year this bag is from..
  13. congrats!!!Great find.
  14. It still looks gorgeous! Congrats on such a great find!
  15. i know isnt it amazing how a cup of coffee could turn into a chanel bag, anyways i got it from this dealer who gets all her bags from the editors at magazines. And I got it at an amazing price, it was marked 600, but the woman said she would give it to me for 500 because I was young!!! What a great Saturday!!