my new vintage baby

  1. just arrived from france, my new (to me) vintage black box sellier kelly 35. (GRIN) i just noticed the fingerprints in these pictures, but i'll have to do new ones some other time, because i just can't wait any longer to share this with my purse pals!

    this is an oldie, with brass hardware, an open pocket instead of zippered and no "made in france" on the stamp . it needs to be stuffed (don't we all? :p ) to un-collapse it, one of the corners is a little bent, and the handle does shows wear. but the leather is smoothe, shiney and supple and i think it's in great shape for its age. the date stamp is a B with no circle -- which i think makes this a 1946 model! :wtf:

    I'm in love.


    [​IMG] [​IMG]

  2. Congratulations DQ!
  3. Congrats!!! An oldie but goodie, that's for sure!
  4. Wow, congrats DQ, what a treasure!
  5. WoW, what a find!!!
  6. Woohoo ! I love vintage Kelly ! What a beauty !
  7. So lovely DQ wear her in health and happiness - congratulations :drinkup:

    '46 - if that little bag could talk.......
  8. Congrats DQ!!! She is such a rare have a great eye for such Hermes treasures. I cannot believe that bag is over 30 years old--it looks amazing.
  9. Gorgeous!! Fantastic find - congrats!!
  10. DQ,

    Just lovely...I can only imagine the history that bag has! Will you be sending her to the spa anytime soon? I can't wait to see the photos if you do!!!
  11. Congrats!!!! I Love Vintage Items
  12. 60+ y/o bag???!!! I hope I look that good when I'm the same age. DQ- absolutely gorgeous vintage kelly!!!!
  13. CONGRATS, DQ!!! You've got a gorgeous one there!!! SOOO PRECIOUS!!! ENJOY HER FOR MANY MORE YEARS!!!!:drinkup:
  14. Wow, DQ, that is one beautiful vintage Kelly. A wonderful reminder of how gorgeous box becomes with age--just like wine, keeps getting better. Congratulations!!!! :yahoo:
  15. She's beautiful!