My new very long necklace...

  1. I love it :heart: ... but it's heavy! Heavier than it looks, that's for sure. I hope I wasn't too influenced by the fact that it was shown in lots of ads, as I'm showing here:

  2. great necklace!! i love it!!
  3. I love it!!! I just got the classic Chanel pearls myself. Congrats!:yahoo:
  4. To Die For!!! 100 Times Over!! And Drool Over 1000 Times....congrats!
  5. I LOVE it. What are you going to wear it with? Do you think you can wear coloful clothes or mostly solid basic colors?

    Also, how much was it? I know those are very $.
  6. I tend to wear mostly black, with some neutrals so I will wear it with everything I own.

    And yes, it was expensive. I could have bought a classic purse for the same price. :shrugs:
  7. I saw this at Chanel recently! It's beautiful! Ithink it was like $895. Or maybe it was more? Don't recall.
  8. ^ I love that and almost bought it but I think it was $1100 - $1200 or more! :crybaby: Chanel made a 16 inch version of the same necklace for $385 - got that one instead. I love the printed pearls. :P
  9. I missed the short version! Too bad, I would have bought it! :yes:
  10. It was more than $1200. Am I crazy?

    It's 66" in total length and when worn, hangs 33" if I don't rope it around my neck a second time. I like wearing it long, as was shown in the picture. (In the attached picture, she's wearing a second shorter necklace as well.)
  11. :love: love it. The short version sounds too cute.
  12. I love :heart: the long version. I've been eyeing in the ads for a while.
  13. What a gorgeous necklace! Congrats and enjoy!
  14. Ooh, could you post a pic of the short one? Is it still available?
  15. it's gorgeous!!!! wowwwww, sooooo pretty!!
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