1. Here she is. I'm sooo excited !! From HGBAGS! It should be here sometime early next week!!!!!:yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:

  2. Pics arent showing up?
  3. No pics? I really want to see these! I am on the verge of ordering vert thym myself!
  4. wow! really? let me try it this way
    vertthyme1.jpg vertthyme2.jpg
  5. Gorgeous! I am going to have to get a vert thym city! Love the color!
  6. Wow, thats a lovely colour.

    The leather looks nice too!
  7. beautiful! Ahhh...all these pretty colors.....
  8. ACK! I do. not. need. to fall in love with this color. But I think I already did due to ur pics! Gorgeous! Congrats! Post pics again when u receive, ok??? Don't u just love hgbags!?!
  9. Yes I will definitely post more pics when I get it! I'm also contemplating on purchasing a sahara!!! Erica's Great!:tup:

  10. These are the two colors I am wanting as well! I have a sahara city on its way to me and am sooooo wanting the vert thym!
  11. That's just gorgeous! I love it ... ahhh so many colors to get ... congrats!
  12. yes definitely! I love these 2 colors the most. but also can't wait for EB :yes::yes::yes:
  13. beautiful!!! congrats!! :yahoo: can't wait to see more pics when you receive your new bag! :heart:
  14. Oh, I love the leather on your bag. Thick and chewy!!
  15. I want a work in this color....ughhhhh