My new Vert Thyme First!!!

  1. My first NEW bag that I've ink city & sapin box are both 2nd, love, love it! :love:

  2. Very pretty congrats.
  3. beautiful color, congrats!
  4. Love it. I just got one of those too and I was thinking I hadn't seen any pictures on here yet.
  5. Congrats ... VT is a really pretty colour. Love your puppy too! He/She (?) looks so cute sitting on the sofa! :smile:
  6. Very pretty, congrats! Cute pooch, too!! :flowers:
  7. So nice!! Congratulations!!
  8. You are killing me with your puppy. :girlsigh:He/She is so cute. :pCongrats.:yahoo:
  9. Gorgeous bag, perfect from spring!! Your doggie is too cute! I love seeing everyone's pets included in the photo's!!! :smile:
  10. Love the bag and the cutie pup! Congrats!
  11. I love this green. I'm glad you are happy with your purchase.
  12. ohhh yummy! and cute dog too!
  13. Love those Balenciaga greens!:tup: Your First is a cutie. (Your pup too!)
  14. This bag is gorgeous in person. My husband wanted me to buy it, but unfortunately it's too small for my needs. I do love it, though.
  15. thanks everyone!!!

    lizz: i wish i was taller so that i could use the work or the day. i'm only 4'11 so i think those bags would look too silly on me.