My New Vert D'eau!

  1. Hi fellow members, I just have to share my excitement with you :yahoo: The color I've debated and agonised over is finally here - my first green bag ever :p Introducing my Vert D'eau City....the leather on this one is so smooshy!! Enjoy!
  2. Yummy!! Congrats!!
  3. congrats misspiggy it's pretty :yes:
    it looks like pistachio here !
  4. :drool: WOW GORGEOUS. I really like that color It's very pretty!! The bags recently seem to have almost no distressing. I hope they didn't listen too much too the too veiny complaints about Spring '06 bags. I like some veins. It adds depth. I'm sure once the newer ones are uses, they will develop their character but I dread the break in period.
    I gave my new Truffle to a friend to break it in for me. :p
  5. Oh GOD!! I can't stand this ... this is making my decision sooooooooooo hard. I see this color ... I WANT it; I see the Vermillon ... I WANT it ... bla bla bla. Aaaaaarrrrrrggggggghhhhhhh :cursing:
  6. Congrats !!!!
    This bag is so refreshing !!!
    Congrats on your beautiful city Misspiggy !!
  7. Thank you Andy_Sach, SeaHorse and's always great when you're bubbling over with joy and there are B-bag lovers to share the joy :heart:
  8. Its such a nice colour and the leather looks so smooshy - amazing!
  9. Omg, your so lucky!! I'm still looking for a bbag!! Congrads :love:
  10. CeeJay!!! sell ur other LV's etc and get THIS BEAUTY!!! :yahoo:
  11. congrats misspiggy!
    loving the color of your bag
    it is soooo yummy! ;) ;)
  12. Powderpuff, I think the same way too! I actually like some veins on my B-bags. I find this is the main difference between genuine B-bags and fake ones...the fakes have plastic-looking leather with no veins.

    In fact this Vert D'eau and my Eggplant (sold) have the most smooshy leather. My other B-bags all have some veins in them :love:

    And OMG, how do you have the heart to let your friend break in your new Truffle? Nobody can touch my B-bags :nuts: :p
  13. Congrats what a great spring bag!
  14. Ceejay, you gotta have this cool minty color!! You won't regret it, it's like a fresh breeze on a hot summer's day. Ah hem, if I may wax lyrical about my first green bag :love: It's a totally cool color!
  15. Hautecouture, Sueshi, Apa and CatCat, thanks for sharing my joy!