My new Vernis, and a question

  1. Hi everyone, my first post on this forum. Just got these from eluxury...splurging for my 30th birthday. I'll be forever paranoid about ruining them, but they're so gorgeous! I'm not supposed to treat the vernis with any kind of protectant, right?

  2. Pretty! I love the framboise, especially! But no, don't use any protectant spray on it or anything like that. I wouldn't even recommend the Appleguard or Shining Monkey for the vachetta (I've never treated any of my bags and they're fine) but if you want to use it, you can.
  3. Where do I get this Shining Monkey stuff? I've noticed it mentioned here a few times and hadn't heard of it before. I do have the Appleguard products I've used on my mono canvas.

    The vachetta looks so sickly right now, all nice and pale, LOL.
  4. Welcome & Happy Birthday!!! Such Beautiful Pieces! I Love Them Both! Enjoy!!! :smile:
  5. i LOVE the pale leather, and i'd keep it that way forever if i could!

    as for Shining Monkey, you can get it from their website, or maybe Amazon
  6. I don't mind the pale leather on some bags and I think it might look nicer that way on this one...does the Appleguard make it darken faster? I think so no? Maybe I should only use the spray and not the lotion?
  7. YOU BOUGHT MY FAVORITE BAG (but too chicken to ever buy it!) :love: :love:
  8. yeux, does it dry quickly on the vernis? I'm afraid I'd ruin the patent leather. :shocked: I've been storing my vernis in the dustbag even while in use.
  9. Gorgeous! I've never sprayed anything on mine and they look great.
  10. I've never used applegard but did finally succumb to the mighty power of the monkey on the naked vachetta. It dried quickly, left no residue, and did not darken the vachetta (a process I DON'T want to speed up)
  11. Shining Monkey in general dries very quickly on the vachetta :yes:. but on the patent leather it stays wet longer, so as soon as i've sprayed the bag i just wipe it off the patent.
  12. welcome waddleod i love your LV pieces!!! that pink is just so yummy!!!
  13. I tried the monkey on vachetta (and it sure does dry fast!! :heart: ) but haven't attempted the same stunt with the vernis. Does the patent leather feel different after you sprayed it?
  14. nope. it still has that squeaky-clean feeling :yes: