My New Valentino!!!!

  1. :yahoo::lol:
    Presenting my new puppy, he is a 1 year old maltese male that I rescued from my local shelter.
    I named him Valentino, he is such a cutie pie! It was such a cute thing when I got to the shelter I was looking at all the dogs they had and I suddenly felt a lick on my leg and I saw him, I was like he is definitely coming home with me.:love:
    Valentino.jpg Valentino1.jpg
  2. GOOD FOR YOU FOR RESCUING HIM!!! What a beautiful dog, and great name!
  3. You definitely deserve extra brownie points for rescuing him from a shelter...good for you! And how adorable is he ?...too cute and a great name to boot.:yes: :yahoo:
  4. Thank you for rescuing him! He's adorable!
  5. Cute doggie!!
  6. What a cutie! I love it when people adopt animals from animal shelters.
  7. aww how cute!! growing up i always like darker coloured dogs, but with my little westie i realized how adorable white dogs can be, they dont even look real their soo cute!! like a stuffed animal, with their white fur contrasting with their jet black nose, eyes and little paws..:love: mine was saved from the pet store/puppy mill, but he looks too handsome for you to even think that. but enough about Leander, Valentino is sooo cute! lucky to have a mommy like you, enjoy!! i remember having a electronic pup that would flip that looked exactly like that. just remember if suddenly he seems a little standoffish, its not you, and before it you know it the only life he will remember is the one he shares with you.
  8. Awww. He is cute!
  9. he looks like a million bucks!
  10. such a cutie!
  11. Thanks everyone!:yes:

    Can I give back the dog now? Just kidding.:shame:
    He peed and pooped all over the dining room:yucky:, then he started chewing on the furniture. first thing tomorrow morning im taking him to the trainer.:Push:
  12. Thanks for rescuing him! Such a little cutie!!:tender: :heart:
  13. That is definitely one of the cutest dogs I have seen.
  14. Adorable! I love doggies :heart:
  15. Adorable.