My New/Used Yellow Epi Noe!

  1. It came today! :love: I love it but I'm a little worried. I can't find a datecode so I'm starting to wonder if it's fake. Also it smells like it's been in an attic or a basement for awhile. Does anyone know anything I can do to take the smell away? Other than that it is beautiful!:heart: There is a little fraying on the string and the inside has a little stain but it is in good condition.

    I have pics but my files are exceeding the limit?! If someone can help I'll be happy to post them.
  2. AhhH i've wanted the yellow forever!! sooo nice!!
  3. nikki.. if you open yr pics with PAINT (under accessories) and just save as a jpg.. that should reduce the file size...
  4. ^thanks ill try that
  5. still not working!:sad:
  6. can you open your pics with a photo program? then resize to 50% less and that should do it. make sure you take your pics at the lowest res so that they are small. i want to see your noe!
  7. Hi and congrats on a hopefully auth noe! For the smell, you can look up the Juliette-thread from yesterday. I used febreze spray and dryer sheets and the bag smells great now. Good luck!
  8. Bonjour, I've a PETIT NOE in yellow (jaune Tassily). Here is the date code of mine, I think it's located at the same place for the big one (near the buckle of the handle).

  9. I'll try posting pics when I get home. I'm at work now. Thanks everyone. If anyone has pics of their definatley authentic yellow epi noe can u please post them. I want to do a compare and contrast!
  10. The datecode says the bag was made in AR. Where is that?
  11. I think it is in France or Spain. I believe my petit noe has the same.
  12. Mine too and on the strap it says made in France.
  13. Picture!