My new used Stella!

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  1. Oh my goodness I love my new used eBay peppermint Stella. I got a great deal and she is in much better shape than described. What a cool lovely bag. She is gently used and an older girl, just like me!:smile:
    The seller even included a nice card and some great soap as a gift. I won the bag on sunday paid on monday and got it today!
    This bag is soo cool, pepperminty cool!<br><br>
  2. Congrats!:yahoo: does it have the fabulous striped lining?
    I used to own a peppermint Stella, and it was SO pretty! They rarely come around, so you're lucky to have found one.
    Enjoy and wear in good health!:heart:
  3. it does and the lining is in great shape! the bag is used but not anything I would be ashamed to wear out to dinner at a nice restaurant. It looks great and is in great shape!
    i got a fantastic deal as well.
  4. Congratulations--good find! I like your attitude and I love it when a great deal comes along. Enjoy in good health. Handsome dogs you have there, too!
  5. Thanks they are good boys. The one on the right just picked up his first 2 agility titles in just 4 days of competing!
  6. ^^^That's fantastic!! They really are good dogs, aren't they?! As you can guess we adopt boxers--they are so dang hard to train (extremely stubborn), but we love them anyway. Congratulations to you and your talented dog! Those agility trials are challenging.
  7. Thanks! Both are shelter rescues and the agility dog was an at risk(aggression, fear, crazy)dog. Its been a long haul to rehab his shattered soul but he is an amazing dog and I love him dearly. He also got his rally Excellant title last month and just before that his TDI & his CGC. He is also an amazing sheep herding dog, a total natural with great working dog ability. I had him assesed by an akc herding judge and she was gaga over him. If I didnt have this new marc jacobs purse addiction I could afford more sheep herding time with him, LOL. FWIW I have a friend with a rescue boxer who is a big agility champion and a very good boy.
  8. beautiful bag and beautiful dog! congrats!
  9. Thanks so much!:smile:
  10. I know I'm still off-topic, but I love talking about dogs. I have heard of a boxer here and there who can be trained in agility, but it's rare. Bless you for the love and patience it must have taken to restore this beautiful dog's confidence; you and he have overcome so much! Dogs like that probably are happier when they have something challenging to do, like herding or agility.

    :back2topic: I didn't mean to detract from your excitement about your Stella! But I can't resist talking about dogs.
  11. Drool. What a wonderful bag! Your pups are so sweet!!
  12. so pretty, congrats! love your doggies, too. :biggrin:
  13. Congratulations on your wonderful bag!!!
  14. So glad the purse gets a new life with you and pups! - I love the greens - great choice!
  15. I love the peppermint stella!! is this the one that was recently on eBay where the seller said the bag had quite a few stains? I saw that and really liked the color but didn't think i cld do anything to get rid of the stains =(

    I'm glad you like it though!! congrats!! Stellas are great bags!!!