My new (used) leather duffle

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  1. So I was looking for something to kick around with this summer when we go fishing (which we do almost every weekend). I almost bought a canvas coated tattersall tote but then thought it would be too "pretty" to bring there. I won this older leather duffle on eBay yesterday, for a mere $25. I like that it has a single strap to throw over your shoulder, and the beat up look which gives it character (in my opinion). It doesn't have a hang tag but pffft, I don't think the fish will care.:lol: I should have it by next Thursday. Does anyone know what style it is, or exactly how old it is?

  2. I like it! It looks like you can be hands-free with this and it has an outdoorsy look. I'm glad you didn't buy a tattersall tote to take fishing with you. :P