my new used chanel from ebay

  1. well I got it today and it is not only authentic but it is beautiful. It is slightly larger than my reissue and it doesn't have the double flap, just one large interior and a pocket on the back but it is in perfect shape and it was 1/4th of its new price so I love it even more. I am going to try and load these pics otherwise I will send them to vlad and let him help me. My seller was qbhype and he sells mostly used chanel. Okay, I'm going to scream. I cannot figure out how to use the supload program.
  2. Oooh, can't wait to see the pics! Is it in great used condition? I'm going to check out that seller... ;)
  3. I sent the pics to vlad because I am too stupid to figure out how to use the supload program. It is in nearly new condition and I love it completely.
  4. Please post pics! Congrats..
  5. okay I've sort of figured this out, but not completely yet
  6. [​IMG]
  7. Beautiful! Congrats!
  8. Very nice! Who did you buy from?
  9. That's a great looking bag, loren! Great purchase, congrats :nuts: :love:
  10. Beautiful Loren- great find!
  11. -Lovely-congratulations on that deal!;) -enjoy
  12. Very classy looking bag, great purchase Loren ! ;)
  13. Wow, fabulous bag, Loren!!! Congrats!!!
  14. great find, loren!
  15. Great looking bag!