My New Updated Collection! Come see!

  1. My recent purcahses were the:
    Large Kahki/Saddle Carly
    White/kahki Katelyn Sneakers

    Hope you like!

    More to come soon in the mail- Blue stripe Demi and Mini Skinny, and PCE next weekend.



    I finally figured out how to get clearer pictures outta my camera! UGH crappy camera!

    I think my next purchase will be the new Signature stripe denim tote! And maybe some accesories!:heart:
  2. What's the name of your black bag? It is gorgeous!
  3. It's style number 6378 I actually have it on eBay I need to get money for PCE. I'm not sure if I was supposed to say that...

    I believe it's called the Signature Soho Pocket Tote.

    I see tons of them with the mini Signature but this is the first I have seen with the big print.
  4. very nice!
    I love the shoes.
  5. Looks great!
  6. Thanks! I got them for about $70 on eBay... I wanted them for so long, but wouldn't you know I haven't even worn them. i have to get some signature cleaner/protector. I am scared to get them dirty. I should have gotten the black...
  7. Nice collection. I Love your black bag.
  8. Thanks! Dang I wish I had gotten this many compliments carrying it and I wouldn't have sold it! LOL

    Oh well hopefully getting new tote next weekend!

    Thanks all! I can't wait for my demi and mini to get here!
  9. nice collection
  10. Here's two more items that I forgot I had. Guess Frienze Purse and Guess Venus Wallet.
    Both selling so I can buy new Coach bag! Woot! I love the purse but I haven't carried it once! It's so edgy and cute though.