My new unusual matelasse

  1. yesterday i went to the outlet near Florence (here you can find some informations ( ) and i come back with this new baby!!!!!!




    I'm so happy with my new unusual Blue roi matellasse bag:yahoo:.
    it has many differences from the matellasse i've seen till yesterday so i want to share my bag with you. This bag has a chain shoulder strap and a lock (i think is the same clousure of the hook bag)as clousure. The leather is sooooooooooooo :drool:.
  2. that's a really cool bag phebe, and i love the color!!
  3. Here other pics :p


  4. I love your new bag. I really like the fact that you can use a shoulder strap to save the handles from getting dark. It's gorgeous!!
  5. [​IMG]

    Love your new bag!
  6. Love your bag! :heart:
  7. i love your new bag! i really like the color and shoulder straps too! congrats on the find!:tup::heart:
  8. So pretty! Congrats!
  9. BEAUTIFUL!! :heart:
  10. I LOVE it! It looks so chic...and I love your boots too:tup:
  11. Kimair, Powderpuff, lovely, rollergirl, emyrow, wantmore, esiders, stylefly thank you for all your sweet comments, i'm soooo happy for my new baby, i've been looking for a blue bag for a lot of time and this find has been a surprise and i love the shoulder strap too (i'm a shoulder strap girl!!)!

    stylefly so happy you like my boots too

    wantmore i'll post there pics later when i'll be back home, it'll be a pleasure to be helpfull!
  12. :nuts:oh that shade of blue is just royale! and i love the boxiness of it. plus the strap :tup::drool:
  13. thank you glossie !!!
  14. Really pretty congrats to your find, i just think the quilted mirrors are too cute.