My new "twins" are here!!!

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  1. Congrats fendi!!

    I am especially jealous of the white...I was eyeing that one myself and great price too. The leather on it looks sooooo smooth and buttery. YUMMY!!!!!!!

    It's official...YOU'RE HOOKED!! :party:
  2. Congratulations!!! I love all of your bags!! The colors are beautiful!! Enjoy!
  3. Congrats!
  4. The grenat color is...I can't even describe how absolutely divine it is. I took a chance on liking the color from the pics I've seen (your grenat Purse, to be exact). I LOVE IT!!! Which is not to say that I love the white any less. The leather on it is like BUTTAAAA!!!! When I took it out of the dust bag I was shocked at how great the leather was. Of all three B-bags, the white First has the smooshiest leather. Though, the grenat has the most beautiful looking.

    As for my hubby...he can certainly appreciate the leather. He touched it and said, "Yep, I see and feel the difference. If you think they're worth $1000 I'll take your word for it." He understands about the quality of the bag. Now he just has to wrap his brain around justifying the price. He's a guy - what can you expect. Still, he is a total sweetheart.:heart:

    After I complete the search for my wish list, I will have to go on a purse ban.:crybaby: Not Looking forward to it. Maybe two pals can wallow in their misery together.:crybaby: :crybaby:

    I'll try to resist these bags just as the new season comes out, but you know what? "RESISTANCE IS FUTILE"
  5. :roflmfao: :roflmfao: It's the Borg! We should call these the Bborgs. Or the Borgbags.
  6. Absolutely gorgeous bags!
  7. :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao: SHUT UP!!! I am incontinent over here.:roflmfao:
  8. OMG. Don't remember last time I laughed this hard :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao: .
  9. they are beautiful! congrats!
  10. I love both of them and will probably add them to my own wish list but I can only focus on one at a time. your collection thus far is wonderful..
  11. fendihunter, they're gorgeous! congrats!!!
    i never thought i would like a first... but when i own one, it actually not THAT small and really comfortable to carry for going out at nights :P
  12. Love your collection! The leather and the color on your grenat is gorgeous, I had a city and yours is really better than mine looked. Congrats!!
  13. i love all of your colors!!! Great range and they are TDF!! You have explicit taste!:yes:
  14. WOW...GORGEOUS colours!!!!!!! Especially love the Grenat - CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!
  15. I love the Firsts!!! I am waiting for my ordering from Shirise to arrive :biggrin:

    Congrats.. they are TDF!!!