My new Twiggy!!!! :)

  1. Hey Ladies! :smile:
    This is my first post with pictures, I wanted to share with you all my new Twiggy! My mom was nice enough to pick one up for me on her trip to Taiwan, she bought this at the Balenciaga store in Taipei. I love it! I have to ask though, what color would you guys say this bag is?? The SA at the Bal store in Taipei said charcoal grey, but it looks more like anthracite or even ink to me?? There is definitely some blue in the color. I'm posting some pics w/ flash and w/out flash. Thanks for letting me share:tup:

  2. it's beautiful, congratulations! if the tags say 2007 3, it's plomb/lead :smile: if it says 2007 1 then it's anthracite. however, looks like plomb to me!
  3. gorgeous, congrats!
  4. thank you pluiee! I just checked the tag, it's 2007 3, it is plomb/lead, I've never heard this color! The rest of the tag is in French: chevre/pleine fleur aniline. thanks again for answering my question :heart:
  5. Looks like plomb to me. Gorgeous!!!!
  6. It's absolutely gorgeous! Congrats!
  7. it's beautiful balenciagalove1! congrats on the new twiggy! :tup::heart::heart:
  8. congrats! your twiggy is so pretty. i am especially loving the leather. love your charm too.
  9. Wow nice leather!!!
    And how cute is that BV purse :love:
  10. Love it! Love the charm too!
  11. The charms hanging off are way too cute!! I love ur bag btw.
  12. Wow, gorgeous color! That is so exciting! It is a really pretty shade...much different than the Plomb I had/sent back. Yours definitely has some nice reflective color- mine was a dull greyish steel.
    Enjoy it:nuts:
  13. :wtf:SERIOUSLY GORGEOUS :drool::nuts: congrats!
  14. Thanks for all the comments everyone!!!:tup: I was nervous at first to post pictures, but I love how everyone on tPF is so friendly!:heart: I actually made the purse charm on my bag ;) There is a cute bead shop by my house and I spend hours there making purse charms! I thought it might be too much at first but I'm happy to read all the compliments! I'm glad to finally know the color! - I even called the Bal store in Taipei to ask myself, but my Mandarin is a little rusty and the SA couldn't translate the color for me.
    ps. The little BV was a nice surprise my aunt added in the purse :smile:
  15. Oooh how htougtfull of ur mum and aunt..Absolutely stunning leather u got there..:heart: Congrats!