My new Twiggy: I need suggestions pleaseeee

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  1. Thanks!! I just saw your collection. Cute colors!! they are beautiful!! Congratulations!!!

  2. Thanks!!!!!!!:yes:

  3. I have just tried it with a black, yeah!! it looks really hot!!! Thanksssss
  4. congrats ur bag looks gorgeous...

    i'd wear her with grey, black....see i'm not really a colorful type person haha :smile:
  5. This bag will go with EVERYTHING! I have a Naturel GH Brief and there isn't a single outfit that it clashes with. That's the beauty of this particular shade! I think it looks particularly nice with browns, whites, and blacks.
  6. What a GREAT color!!!

    I would say anything in the blue, red and orange range would make your bag pop. :heart:
  7. i def would not wear this bag with same colored clothes - you need to go to the opposite of the color spectrum if you want this bag to POP!

    it's a beautiful bag and would look great with blacks, purples, blues, reds, etc. :yes: especially BLACK! or dark greys too :P
  8. I think she would go well with EVERYTHING! I believe Cameron Diaz has a GH Brief in that color, and she always looks great.

  9. Natural is versatile...You should be able to wear every colour with her cos she will go with any colour wardrobe...:yes:

  10. I am not either but maybe it is time to change... Thanks for the suggestion!!!!
  11. I tried it this morning with brown and it does look gorgeous!!

    Thanks :tup:

  12. Wow, I look for pics of her to see how she is wearing it!!!

  13. Yeah, you are soo right. I am always soo concerned about matching colors. I should relax and enjoy her!!
  14. congrats!! i would wear it with darker colors...