My new Twiggy: I need suggestions pleaseeee

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  1. This is my new Twiggy. It is natural and beautiful. However, I am having problems finding colors that will make her look even more gorgeous. Please, I need suggestions as I have had her for three weeks and have not been able to wear her with anything. So, what colors do you wear with Bbags in natural???
    Thanksssss :rolleyes:

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  2. I dont know your clothing style but I think something in a teal blue or deep pink would make her stand out. Even a grassy green, With blue jeans if you ever wear them, for casual fun outfits.
  3. She's a cutie! What's your day-to-day wardrobe like? What colours do you wear? Your twiggy has a similar look to my greige twiggy, which I find to go really well with a multitude of colours. I think your bag would really pop against basic black or chocolate brown. Any colour with depth to it that would contrast well with the softness of the natural.
  4. My sandstone looks the most WOW with black - maybe natural will do the same
  5. the natural bag would look sharp in anything IMO.
  6. Take this for what it is worth because I don't have a bag in this color, but I think it would look great with navy blue, emerald green or anything jewel toned.

    JMO, but I think that the coolness of the natural against a deep, rich toned top or dress would really pop.
  7. I think that bag would look good with any thing... Black, Purple, Yellow, Red... any color you wear will go with it. Congrats she is a doll.
  8. Black would be hot!

  9. I wear dark colors a lot like brown and black and then I also wear beiges and whites. I find her difficult with beige. Do you have the same problem with your greige?
  10. Does your Naturel have a green undertone in certain lights? Mine does and as a result I mostly wear her with pale and darker olivey green and olivey browns, foresty greens. I wear a lot of those colours, so it works for me. I think she goes well with browns as well and I can definitely see putting her with black.

    I wish you well,


  11. Thanks! Congratulations on your graduation!! You should treat yourself to a Bbag when you are done. That was my excuse to get my first designer bag!!!! I told me husband a PhD could not go to commencement without a nice bag .... Lol

  12. Thanks so much! I like her but I was having some problems with the color. Purplse seems like a great choice! Thankssss
  13. Bridget! Actually it does have a green undertone!!!! and that is the problem I guess as I don't have too many green clothes, I have none. Maybe I should go shopping!!


  14. Yes, you are right. I am thinking emerald green and that should be a summery color. Don't you think? Thanks so much.

  15. I am a professor so I am usually wearing slacks and nice tops. I have not got a top in green. It seems that is the color as everybody is suggesting that. I'll go and get one !!! Thanks so much