My New Turnlock Quinn

  1. just got my MbyMJ Turnlock Quinn in stone!
  2. Congratulations! It is absolutely beautiful! I have been lusting over that one!
  3. beautiful! the color is PERFECT for fall!
  4. Perfect color for all year!!! Love it!
  5. Love the color, it will go with so much! :smile:
  6. Love the bag and the color!
  7. Love the color & the style!!!

  8. Congrat! Lovely colour!
  9. Gorgeous, I'm jealous! I just got the bigger version ("shopper") for a school bag, so I couldn't justify getting the stone color & had to get boring black (I'm such a klutz, I know I'd ruin anything lighter :push:smile:, but I love yours!
  10. Congrats!
  11. :tup::heart::drool:
  12. gorgeous! congrats!
  13. It's gorgeous! Congrats!
  14. I love love love your bag!!
  15. SOOO pretty!! Congratulations!