My new truffle twiggy!

  1. I have already massaged Apple conditioner into it, but I will continue to do so until the leather is just the way I want it. I'll post updated pics in a before/after thread when I get that leather all smooth like I want it. I do love this bag, though!

  2. it is so beautiful! congrats!!!
  3. Beyond gorgeous!!!!
  4. it's awsome, looks so supple and squishy...congrats on your new twiggy!!
  5. I think it looks so pretty just the way it is! Congratulations!
  6. 0o0o0 YUMMY!!!
  7. Oh Lori, I adore it! I would love a truffle day; the color is soo pretty.
  8. its so beautiful!!! The leather looks so yummy, how did you get it like that!
  9. I LOVE it!!!
    Chocolate YUM!
  10. That's exquisite!
  11. *gasp* WOW, that is one gorgeous twiggy! Enjoy :flowers:
  12. That is a particularly gorgeous Truffle! Congrats and ENJOY:yahoo:
  13. That color is TDF! And the leather looks amazing, great job with the moisturizing, hee hee!
  14. I never thought I liked the truffle color, but seeing yours Lori is making me rethink it.

  15. Gorgeous, congrats!
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