My new Truffle First and Plomb City have Issues

  1. Wow, I got two new Bags from Neimans! Was very excited but have some major concerns. The 06 Trufffle First has split tassles and the leather is odd, kind of rough and grainy. The side has a lighter faded area on bottom corner. It's sooo different from my Violet First.... I guess it's better to be in the store to pick out bags. is the problem with 06 bags that people have spoken about?
    truffle.JPG truffletassles.JPG truffleedge.JPG truffleleather.JPG
  2. [​IMG]
  3. Here is miss 07 Plomb City. The leather is nice but one side of tassles are half the size of others, like someone cut them in half to make them shorter! I also don't know if this is a good color for me ...It feels depressing after my Violet!
    plombfront.JPG plombtassles.JPG plombback.JPG
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  5. I would return the Plomb City because the tassels look like they've been cut for some reason and since you're not liking the "blandness" as much as the Violet. As for the Truffle, maybe you could put some Apple moisturizer on it to see if it'll soften up and you should call NM and asked them if it was a display model because if it was under lighting on the shelves, it could discolor it and if so, I would ask for some kind of discount (if it wasn't mentioned before you purchased it). Good luck!:smile:
  6. Your plomb is TDF...the leather is YUMMY!! Too bad about the tassels, but it came with extras? And it almost looks anthracite in the photos? Must be the lighting.

    Truffle is notoriously dry. If you decide to keep the bag, lubriderm will go a long way in making the bag softer and look less dry and grainy. But it will never look as gorgy as that plomb! I have a truffle that's my kick-around bag and it's broken in well!
  7. Thanks ! The Plomb is definitely not shiny in real light. I don't know why they cut the tassels.... the Truffle is probably going back.
    What made me mad was the SA charged me tax twice, once for my state and once for their state! I asked about it and they don't know if they can correct it. Wow , major comedy of errors.
  8. Split tassels are common. I bought a bag brand new from my local B boutique and they split within the first couple of hours of use. Cut tassels are not common, though.
  9. Personally I love your steel bag, that leather is fantastic imo!! But if it's depressing for you, return it!
    The truffle is a bit too vintage-y for a new bag for my taste... I'd personally return that one and keep the steel.
    Good luck! :flowers:
  10. The 06 Truffle First was my first B bag. I purchased it new from a reputable seller and noticed the tassles where starting to split, too. The leather, however, is just lovely. It's very soft and smooshy so I think it might be a good idea to return the Truffle if the leather seems odd. I have returned a Bbag for leather issues and was so much happier when I received the one with the kind of leather I like. Good luck!
  11. chloebagfreak ~

    I hate to say this but I would return/exchange both of them. When you pay that much for a Balenciaga bag, it better be 100% perfect/brand new condition. I agree with what the others are saying. It maybe that you rec'd a floor model. There should be no split tassels and the tassels on that one bag def looks like it was cut. That's just not acceptable... of course if NM does not have anymore of those particular bags... :sad: