My new Truffle day & Rouge_Vif money

  1. When Truffle first came out, I didn't like it because every bag I saw had super veiny, super shiny leather. BUT when I got to Neimans this morning, they had the most awesome, matte Truffle Day...and since I wanted this style in brown, I had to get it! :yahoo: Funny how the leather varies on B-bags...they had a Truffle Bowling that was SO veiny that when you put it side-by-side with my Day, they didn't even look like the same color!

    While my SA was ringing me up, I asked if they had any wallets...and she brought over this rouge_vif money that I just had to have...:jammin:

  2. Congrats!!! The leather looks amazing! It's crazy how much variation there is in the leather. It's kinda good in a way, though, to satisfy both those who like the veiny look and those of us who prefer the less ditressed more matte look, Your truffle is a beaut and I love your Rouge Vif, too!:yahoo:
  3. E- that truffle is definitely the best I've seen! The leather is TDF!:love:
  4. Congratulations, they are both absolutely gorgeous!
  5. Congrats esiders!!!! Gorgeous picks, both of them!
  6. wow, those are gorgeous girl, welcome to the rouge VIF wallet club :yahoo:
    DSCF3003 REV.jpg
  7. Congrats:yahoo: !!! The leather looks amazing:drool: :love: !!!!
    I also have the Truffe in Day and I :heart: it !!!
    Enjoy your bag :yahoo: !!
  8. OMG ... esiders ..... I didn't knew that this truffle color looks sooooooooooooooo great :yahoo: ! The day/hobo in this color is GORGEOUS, just TDF :drool: :sweatdrop: ! And the rouge vif money is amazing too ! CONGRATS to both - enjoy it :flowers: :love:
  9. That truffle leather looks amazing. Congrats on a great find. Love the wallet, too.
  10. That truffle is tdf. It is the nicest I have seen. Now I want a truffle too. :sweatdrop: The wallet is beautiful too. :yes:
  11. Very beautiful - the perfect 'truffle'. Congrats!
  12. congrats!!!!! so pretty!!!!:heart: :yahoo:
  13. Thanks everyone! :heart: The Truffle isn't the most exciting color (the shade is "baby poop brown")...but the SA Bonnie and I had a nice discussion about how it is a great neutral color and can be worn with everything (even black). So I am :yahoo: and now I truly can not buy another B-bag until 2007. I'm turning into the B-bag version of the Cat Lady. :Push: :lol:
  14. i love both! congrats!
  15. 0o0o0o the look SO good together!!! :graucho: