My New Troy and Ring Arrived

  1. I took some pictures of my new Ring and Troy bag today for you. The color of the Ring is really hard to capture. It is more of a wine color than in the pics.
    ring bag 3.jpg ring bag4.jpg troy 3.jpg troy and ring.jpg
  2. My seven year old was a great help with these following action shots. He already knows how much his mom loves her bags:yes:. I know most of us are really familiar with the size of the Ramona. I included a picture of me wearing the Ramona so you could get an idea of the size of the Ring.
    Ramona.jpg Ring Bag.jpg ring bag 2.jpg troy.jpg troy 2.jpg
  3. woooooooooooooow!!! i love the red ring!! its beautiful! congrats on ur purchases!
  4. Samantha I so love that blouse and shoes with the troy, absolutely awesome outfit.
  5. Samantha, your bag is TDF:drool::drool:
    You wear all your Jimmy Choo :choochoo: bags so well! I just love your collection, I hope mine will multiply and be as AWESOME as yours!
    Of Course, with this forum, you can't help but grow your collection:shame:
  6. Samantha, you have great taste! I wasn't sure I liked the Ring bag until I saw it on you. It looks fantastic. It's not nearly as big/long as I expected. And the Troy clutch is TDF, of course! Enjoy. :drinkup:
  7. Thank you so much mimi23 and riffraff:flowers:

    Robyn, you have an comletely awsome JC collection already:tup:. I do think fall has alot in store for all of us Jimmy Choo Lovers.

    Cosmopolitan, so sweet:blush:. Compared to the Ramona I do think the Ring is smaller. The proportions are different. I like it on the long side so I adjusted the strap to the longest. It has two more adjustments to make it less of a drop. So, what have you been eyeing for yourself lately?:graucho:
  8. The ring is fabulous! It looks fanstastic on you.
    Congratulations on both great bags!
  9. Wow - all your bags are stunning. I love the ring bag and the color looks great!
  10. Samantha, the bags look so good on you. Congrats.
    Your outfit is so cute too. =)
  11. wow!
    Gorgeous bags --congrats!
    Your shoes are great too!
  12. Thanks karo, starbuxxx, bag.lover,and Joydaly:blush::flowers: JC bags are sooo much fun! The Ring has really surprised me. When it first came out I wasn't really sure about it. It grew on me, and now I really love it and find it to be a very flattering shape.

    Joydaly, the shoes are jimmy choo too.
  13. Love the ring, great bags!!
  14. Samantha :nuts:.. WOW what a gorgeous catch!!:okay: The ring is absolutely gorgeous!! They look GREAT on you!!:yahoo:
  15. congrats!!!