my new trench coat

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  1. I was planning on checking out the Burberry store at the outlet center next time I go to Vegas. But I saw this Calvin Klein trench coat at Loehmanns and couldn't resist the bargain. I got it in the khaki color. It's a petite and fits me well. I have a hard time with coats and jackets because I have short arms. I had in mind to get a black Burberry raincoat and I may regret settling for this one but for $50 (full retail $150), I couldn't pass it up. I'll check out Burberry and if I don't love the way they fit, I'll feel better. San Diego weather doesn't really give me much need for a raincoat but I was justifying the purchase of a good one by saying to myself it would last years.
    Of course, I had to wear it right away as it was raining last night and it wrinkled a lot but I guess that's kind of typical for this kind of coat?
  2. That's a cute trench. It seems like you got a good deal on it as well!
  3. Very nice trench coat! As much as I would love a Burberry trench, I just can't afford one.