My new treat!!!

  1. So, I decided to quit procrastinating before this little beauty was gone for good. I'm so glad I did. Check out my new treat...Miss Pomme D'Amour Small Agenda! :yahoo:
    agenda1.jpg agenda2.jpg agenda3.jpg
  2. MMMMMMMMMMMM!!!! Effing hot color!
  3. so pretty! I love mine!
  4. Lovely, congrats!
  5. Love the pomme!
  6. ooooh, Lovely, Congratulations!!
  7. Congrats!!! I love the POMME!!!! My cles is sooooo nice!! I am considering a zippy now!!
  8. LOVE IT!!!!! I need a Pomme accessory!
  9. congrats!!!
  10. congrats! love the pomme!
  11. Congrats, I just love that color!
  12. Congrats. I have the same one and I love it.
  13. Very nice! I hope you enjoy that fabulous agenda! Smell that fresh vernis! :p
  14. yay! I love the pomme!
  15. Congrats- you cannot go wrong with pomme!