My New Treasure

  1. I got this from a friend on another board... it's very rare and special. And gorgeous. I am in awe of this bag, and want to share. Thanks!!

    Geranium Le Fab


  2. Yes ! I just saw this in your showcase thread but I wanted to just say once again, gorgeous !!! :yes: Congrats !
  3. GORGEOUS!!!:love:
  4.'s soooo pretty!! Thanks for sharing!
  5. That is beyond gorgeous, congrats!
  6. That bag is so beautiful. Very nice color. Congrats to you.
  7. oh wow, its beautiful........wish i can have one like that...
  8. pretty, the color is stunning!
  9. That is a beautiful beautiful bag! I would not stop staring at it if it were mine! lol
  10. Beautiful!!!
  11. That's smoking:wlae:
  12. WOOOW! I love the color! CONGRATS!
  13. :heart: Loves It!:heart:
  14. Whoa...Geranium is my Favorite Suhali Color...
    That is STUNNING..
  15. gorgeous!