~ my new trapeze ~

  1. Beautiful! I love the lining as well. Many congratulations to you and enjoy :smile:!
  2. congrats your trapeze is gorgeous!! i am on a hunt for this one too!

    do u mind me asking how much and where u ordered it from? TIA!
  3. thank you all :smile: i was deciding to buy the terracotta or this, but since they only have the large size in both, i went with the plain color which is another good excuse to buy the smaller one in tricolor :biggrin:
  4. i'm not too familiar with leather name, but the stamped croc feels like suede but not really suede. hope that makes sense :biggrin:
  5. it's $2450 plus tax. got it from Barneys. hope you can find one as well :smile:
  6. Congrats. It's beautiful.
  7. Love it ,Congrats
  8. ohhh... My heart stopped when I saw the burgundy lining! so pretty!
    It was a pleasant surprise, I did not expect the lining to be different in color. *ENVY*
  9. I love the burgundy lining. It makes the trapeze extra special. Congrats!
  10. Nice
  11. Soooooo beautiful! Congrats!! :biggrin:
  12. gorgeous!
  13. beautiful bag! What is the name ( color of the bag) I think I may need one of these!
  14. congrats!!! lovely outside & even lovelier inside!

    yes more mod pics please!
  15. i think it's called grey croc stamped. just found out it the leather may be called nubuck? not sure.