My new "toys" :)

  1. Here are the pics of my purchases from this past week. The baby Cabas I have had a couple of weeks, but just posted it anyway. I HAD to get my classic flap before the price increase and of course just could not stop there!:p
    Jumbo White Caviar Chanel Flap.jpg Jumbo White (2).jpg Outdoor Ligne Wallet (2).jpg CoCo Cabas Khaki.jpg PNY Long Wallet.jpg
  2. I adore that jumbo. I got one in pink last year and I love it but the white is stunning!!!
  3. The pic for the Outdoor Ligne wallet is of the corner. I was trying to get a view of the CC logo dangling from the zipper, but the pic didn't turn out too well.:yucky:
    PNY Inside.jpg PNY Inside (2).jpg Chanel Keychain.jpg Chanel Keychain (2).jpg Chanel Icon Pearls.jpg
  4. And more........
    Chanel Icon Pearls (2).jpg Chanel Gift Wrapped Boxes.jpg
  5. one more time..........

    Just had to include a cute pic of "my baby", I did not purchase her at the Chanel Boutique;however she is priceless to me!
    The white Outdoor Ligne wallet has CHANEL embossed on the leather at the bottom. It is had to see that in the pic.
    Chanel Outdoor Ligne Long Wallet (2).jpg roxannah noelle brown.jpg
  6. Congrats. Love the pearls!
  7. All are fabulous!! But I especially like the last pic - too cute!!

    Also, didn't know the Outdoor Ligne had wallets. I learn something new everyday on tPF!!
  8. wow.. thats some haul!! Congrats
  9. I love them all. Congrats & enjoy. =)
  10. :drool: :drool: :drool: I LOVE your white Jumbo!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Everything is beautiful ..congrats!
  11. oh Penny!!!!!!!!!!! gorgeousness abides in your closet for sure
    i love them all
    and the puppy is so old is she
  12. Penny, what fun toys you have! Can I come over for a playdate? I want to play with your puppy. But how beautiful are your bags. Congratulations on a great collection!
  13. Wow Penny, nice stuffs. Great new pearls btw. I adore your baby.:heart:
  14. Congratulations !!!!! I love the White Classic !!! All your bags are fabulous !!!
  15. Gorgeous Penny, congrats!!! You will love that white jumbo! My toys were ordered today. I ordered the lt silver cotton club tote and that white expandable calfskin flap bag. BTW, did you get the patent jumbo too?