My New Tote

  1. Love that Bottega finally has its own section!

    Attached is my new catalano tote. It's kind of hard to tell from this photo, but it's made out of a thick, pebbled leather in a beautiful emerald color. For those of you familiar with Louis Vuitton, it's about the size of my cabas alto - a nice big tote! It's actually my first non-logo bag - I feel so stealth-wealth. :yes:

    Got a great deal on it (lucky enough to have a friend who works at Gucci Group) and couldn't pass it up!

    catalano tote (resized).JPG
  2. It's a great tote- and that leather wears like iron. I have a black campana in the same leather-it's nice and thick and it wipes clean. I'll use that bag on a rainy day before my other bags.

    Congrats on the great deal-keep your friend who works for Gucci!!
  3. It even looks thick and durable from just the pic.

    Does it come in other colors? I'd love that tote in navy blue.
  4. According to my friend, they are changing the style slightly for spring - it will now have woven handles. But, it will come in a navy blue color! I believe it's called "marine."

    It also comes in chocolate brown as part of the permanent collection.

  5. Ryan-what a nice tote! I love the color on it and the leather looks like easy maintenance. :yes:
  6. Great looking tote. I love green bags. I wish I had a pal who worked for Gucci! It's not easy coming up with the funds for BV!
  7. That looks like a bag you will use forever! Congrats!
  8. Beautiful tote! Congratulations! That tote will wear well for you over the years.
  9. Congratulations.
  10. I def understand what you mean. I LOVE non-logo bags (cue my other love - Balenciaga bags! :p)!

    And congrats on such a beautiful green tote!
  11. Me too~~I've been wearing my black Bbag city the most so far. I don't have to baby it and it's so light. I want to save my BVs.
  12. Ryan, Love the style, love the leather, love the color! It's a beaut!
  13. love the color. enjoy it.
  14. Beautiful tote!
  15. How pretty! What a great color.