My New Tote

  1. These look better irl than in the catalog and the store! I picked these up yesterday. Thanks Fayden for photography class, your resizing and marking my pic's!
  2. O. M. G. Theyre gorgeous! I want every single one of those, in red too! Congratulations!
  3. I just saw them IRL yesterday and they are great looking bags. Congrats.
  4. Ooh, I really love that color combo; beautiful bag!!
  5. i love the look of they fit comfortably over the shoulder??
  6. Wow, they're beautiful. Do you think you'll get any of them monogrammed?
  7. amazing, is that the large 15x11x4 tote? if so, do u think its big enough for some notebooks?
  8. :heart: it!
  9. Oooh, I like them better here than on the website! Cute!
  10. So many questions, first thanks I agree they are nice looking.

    I would have gotten my bag monogramed 25.00 charge and right now in NJ that is done by order only and the bag is delivered to you in approx. 10 days. Yes this fits on my shoulder and I can even wear a fall jacket.

    My bag is the small tote. Next size up would fit 1-2 books with spiral note books. I wouldn't make it too heavy but it would be great for that!

    The blue is just as nice, didn't see the orange, and the brown is to blah.
  11. I did see them IRL, and they are much nicer than they look online or in the catalog. But I still don't care for the creed on the outside. Just NMS.
  12. It's much cuter in your pic than on the website. The stripe is growing on me. :yes:
  13. Well, the creed's only on the outside if you wear the bag inside-out.
  14. Ahhh... okay that makes sense. Thanks! ;)
  15. very cute! I like it a lot :smile: