My new Tote! Reveal! :-)

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  1. After a long waiting time my Chanel tote arrived from Paris!:yahoo::dothewave:
    My SA ordered one with gold hw and another one w silver. So I had to choose one.:Presents
    After buying a Jumbo, Minis and WOCs is this my first tote!:sunshine:
    I'm sooo happy and love this yummy leather!:hbeat::loveeyes::hbeat::loveeyes::hbeat::loveeyes:
    So Ladys and Gentleman: I proudly present my new black Cerf Tote with gold hw!:party:
    Thanks for letting me share!:biggrin:
    8702B932-EE3B-44B3-BA90-3D501EA8CC43-238-0000001CA921A6A3.jpg C2DBDA62-CED5-4EF3-BC2D-A644E7FA1D4F-238-0000001CEC13850D.jpg A892A839-1B54-42E9-B2FA-029A274640D3-238-0000001CE5B10F06.jpg B3E89136-F76B-497E-BDE5-7EA5E063907C-238-0000001CFFCD1D93.jpg
  2. What a beautiful bag :smile: love black with ghw
  3. So so classic! Congrats :smile:
  4. Thank u malika123 and MissSusan!:smooch: It's really a classic beauty and so lightweight!:graucho:
  5. wow astonishing:smile: I love the GH, congrats.
  6. Thank u Milan123! :flowers: The gold looks much better on the Cerf!:tup::yes:
  7. Love it! Sucha "I'm in charge" bag!
  8. gorgeous!
  9. Absolutley gorgeous!!!
  10. Thanks also to Pursetato, Anjool and nordin1n!:smooch:
    Can't believe that I didn't bought it earlier!:smash:
  11. Here is the code if somebody want to know it: A15206Y0157094305 :coolio:
    The price was 1750 Euro! :peace: The price is great for "so much" Chanel these days!:roflmfao:
  12. Gorgeous...congrats.
  13. Thank u very much bjorn!:winkiss: She's much nicer in real life!:lol:
  14. Amazing! I want one too! How many sizes there are for the Cerf? Thx
  15. Are they more expensive than the GST?