My new Totally Turnlock clutch in Ocean!

  1. It was the last one at Nordstrom (Tysons Corner Center) and while I wasn't really LOOKING for it, I guess it found me. I had a $55 gift card (returned a pair of not-me earrings a friend gave me for my bday) and also returned some skincare stuff that broke me it only JUSTIFIABLY cost $60.

    I had the same wallet in black but returned it...but this color is SO gorgeous and different. I was immediately smitten!
    ocean1.JPG ocean2.JPG ocean3.JPG
  2. so pretty!! congrats!
  3. beautiful! I love the color! $60 is such a great deal!
  4. I love the color!
  5. Very nice!! Love the color. :smile:
  6. beautiful color!
  7. Very cool Dawn! Congrats!
  8. Gorgeous! I LOVE the ocean color, it's really pretty & unique.
  9. congrats, it's fabulous :heart: