My new tomato red first!

  1. I went to Holt Renfrew for shopping last weekend and saw this - the stunning beautiful red first! I was immediately absolutely attracted by it and couldn't move at all! I ended up buying it as well as a LV multi-color speedy. And my husband couldn't help giving me dirty look on the way back home.hahaha..... anyway.... I really had good & sweet sleep by holding my new purses that night and even felt that there has nothing more satisfied than the purses in life at that moment!.:yes:pictures are here.....
    DSC04988.jpg DSC04965.jpg DSC04960.jpg
  2. congrats doll! its so beautiful! i love the leather on that one! :tup: LUCKY GIRL!!! :heart:
  3. Very pretty! I also love MC Speedy! Lucky you!
  4. wow beautiful!!
  5. wow, ANOTHER tomato first! tPF is on a roll here this week! your first looks fabulous and I don't blame you for just having to buy it immediately, it's quite a captivating color/style combo! enjoy in good health!
  6. love it!! ;)
  7. I am loving all the new tomato bags being posted.
  8. Congrats:yahoo: I love the Red in the First style.:tup:
  9. I went to Neiman last night to look at their b'bags, and their tomato firsts seem to be sold out already. I'm jealous. Yours is beautiful! Enjoy it in good health, and try not to feel too guilty about those of us who don't have one (yet).;)
  10. gorgeous! the more i see this tomato first the more i want it!
  11. [​IMG]
    What a gorgeous find doll - love the leather!!!
  12. ooo its lovely! :smile:
  13. it's beautiful...congrats :smile:
  14. Gorgeous leather!
  15. such a hot colour!