My new Tomato has arrived and she is way better that vif!!! pics

  1. First of all, no modeling pic today. Last night was my CHristmas celebration with my best girls and I am way to hungover to be posing....

    THis is a super chewy scrumptious real red city. The thick leather and amazing true color beats the vif I had before. Vif is lovely, but it was too thin and smooth for my taste.

    Here is a pic also from lastnight since no modeling pic today.

  2. Congrat Shasta!
    You look fabo! :tup:
    and the tomato is gorgeous!
  3. You are too cute!

    The tomato looks luscious :yes:
  4. ooh did you get this one at the sac Nordies? I went yesterday and noticed that the one they had was gone :smile:
  5. Congrats Shasta!!!!!
  6. Wow, gorgeous Tomato!!!!!:drool::drool:

    Congrats, and you look fantastic!!!!!
  7. Congrats Shasta! You look fab as always!
  8. Thanks girls! I got this from an eBay seller ElizabethThomas. She was really helpful, I highly reccomend purchasing from her. Noone can replace my favorite eBay seller *E*, you know who you are and you are the best.

    NOw, anyone know a good cure for a hangover besides not drinking in the first place?
  9. ^^ Shasta I love your tomato city. Great textured leather on it. LOVE!! I have a vif work and love it. Mine is a very blue red but yours is gorgeous! Really nice.

    Love your haircut by the way! Its great to have a great red leather bag. Its a classic to own.
  10. You look fantastic! What a hip mom! Congrats on your new Tomato and Merry X'mas to you & family! :drinks:
  11. Ohh, it is so beautiful :love:
  12. Congrats! Your tomato city is beautiful and the leather looks amazing!
  13. Oh wow, looks scrumptious! You always get the BEST bags!

    Tomato is just the prettiest red - I love the shade of my First so much I just bought a Mini Compagnon!

  14. Awesome!! I love tomato!!! :heart:
  15. :ty:Again!!! Cheshire, do you love your new mc?