My new Tokidoki Cucciolo Famiglia

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  1. I bought this at Macy's Herald Square, no discount but put it on my Macys card, in Jan I get a giftcard with a percentage of what I spent until X-Mas (or something like that) Is it rare? I'm trying to get pregnant and already buying things (real bad, right) This bag just felt so comfortable and love the pockets...
    PA070001.JPG PA070005.JPG PA070004.JPG PA070002.JPG PA070003.JPG
  2. Cute! I love using Tokidoki bags as diaper bags - I have several Campeggios. :tup:

    The Paradiso print is my favorite for a diaper bag because it is covered in babies. Here is mine:

  3. No, this bag isn't rare... All of the tokidoki for LeSportsac bags are limited edition in the sense that once they've sold out, that's it, but this particular bag isn't really "rare." But this was one of the least favorite prints that came out to date it seems, by reading posts on here and seeing that they're selling for below retail on e-bay (even when they sort of just came out). I have the Famiglia gioco and denaro myself because I thought it was a nice brown bag. ^_^
  4. OK, I have to comment on your avatar picture instead of the bag. Is that you with Simon LeBon? I was so a Duran Duran nut back when they came out in ... what... about 1983.
  5. Yes it is Simon- do a search for Duran Duran- I started a thread on the 10 days they are playing in NYC and posted pics of me w/ the band through the years. LOL
    They are my passion!!:yahoo:
  6. Very cute famiglia cucciolo! The famiglia print has grown on me. I'm still contemplating on whether or not to get something in that print.