My new Toiletry Pouch 15

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  1. Hi my fellow TPFers hope you're well! I just wanted to introduce my brand new Toiletry Pouch 15! I thought id make a new thread because I couldn't find many photos of this little item and what fits in it when i was researching this, hopefully it will help someone!

    I have had this only 3 days and I'm absolutely loving it. I have a seperate cosmetic pouch for other items i use daily (perfume, lippy, hand cream, tissues etc) I'm thinking of using this as a small cosmetic pouch when i want to go compact as it has a washable lining.
    If anyone would like photos of different items in there please feel free to ask :smile:

    This little gem fits a ton! Slightly bulky but it zips fine and canvas is nice and soft so no straining.

    TMI in the contents... advanced warning lol!

    3x sanitary towels
    1x pair panties (you just never know!)
    2x types of painkillers
    2x sanitary wipes
    2x sanitary bags
    2x pantyliners
    2x antiseptic wipes
    Assorted plasters (band aids to my fellow American TPFers)
    Assorted burn plasters
    Safety pins

    I have the smaller items in clear sealed bags to keep everything neat and tidy!

    Many thanks for reading :smile:
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    Nice! Thanks for the great review. I have a 15 and 19 on the way to me via my SA. I went back and forth on whether I should also get the 15, and now seeing how much you are able to fit, I'm really glad I decided on both! I love my MC cosmetic case, but I like how these are narrow yet hold so much.
  3. No problem! They really do hold so much. What will you be using the 15 for? I'm thinking of getting the 19 too not that i need it lol... i have the mono cosmetic pm and the DE GM too!
  4. I love SLGs and I somehow justify all of them :biggrin:. I mainly carry larger bags, but I wanted the 15 too to use in my smaller bags and on the days I can manage to scale down. I'll be using them both for the usual small item knick-knacks I feel the need to lug around every day :biggrin:.
  5. Great post and was super helpful, thanks! I'm looking at purchasing the 15 or 19. I need a place for my feminine products/mini first aid kit essentials!
  6. This is helpful! I'm interested in the 15 to carry similar items.
  7. I love mine too. Congrats!
  8. Nice!!! What a great review!!!! We love some in depth info! ☺️
  9. It's so useful!! Congrats!
  10. Awesome post! Loved it.
  11. Awww thank you everyone... i love reading in depth posts when it comes to contents so i thought I'd do the same!
  12. We do carry so many odds and ends on a daily basis don't we?! My SO doesn't understand it at all! My workhorse is my Mon Mono speedy 30 and that bag is just like a black hole!
    I actually purchased the TP26 online first because there were so many rave reviews but when i recieved it i didn't like the zip/tail so exchanged for the GM cosmetic pouch.
    I still feel that i "need" all 3 sizes of TP!!
  13. Wonderful piece! Fits so much things in there. I have the TP19, love how much it holds without taking too much space. So so versatile too, cosmetic pouch, evening clutch (I add a charm), pouch for passports, toiletry bag. It's a must have!
  14. I have all three sizes of the TP as well as the cosmetic pm in mc noir and they are definitely must haves. Great for organization..... I can't get enough of them ....
  15. Oh, this is really helpful! I have mini pochette (too small), the pochette 19 and the cosmetic pouch PM (both too bulky), and your 15 might be just the size I was missing for my badges and office supplies! Do pens or markers fit in there, too, and how many?

    Thank you very much in advance!