My new Tods shoes - I am so mad and disappointed


Jul 7, 2009
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I have been owning Tods shoes for over a decade and really think high of them in terms of quality. Until now. Last week I got a pair in Woodbury which was still 230$ plus tax. So today I wore them for the second time. I am currently in Chicago, and it was pouring rain. So when I wore my new shoes (not in the rain!) the streets were still wet, but I avoided the deep puddles. Nevertheless here is what my new shoes look like. WTF!!!


Does anybody have experience with the Chicago Tods boutique? I will surely pay them a visit tomorrow...
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Jan 5, 2010
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thats horrible.
they probably should have used a lacquer instead of what appears to be like acrylic paint - so that the colour wears down like its part of the sole and not coming off in chunks.


Jul 7, 2009
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Okay, so here is an update:

Yesterday I tried calling the 1-800 customer service, but only voice mail picked up. I asked them to call me back (on my european cell), but so far I heard nothing from them!

Then I called the store in Woodbury where I got the shoes. The assistant manager told me that the store manager will be back by monday and that I should call him then. Well, I will be back in Europe by then, so I sent an email to the store manager (the assistant manager wouldn't give me another mailadress), attached the two pics shown above, and today I mailed the shoes to his store.

I cannot believe that after one week Tod's shoes will look like that! Now it's for me to wait for their reply.

I also find it really sad that CS didn't get back to me. I am usually a huge fan of Tod's, but this is a really disappointing experience.
Oct 20, 2008
Is the sole completely permeable now (ie. does water seep through because the paint on the sole has peeled off)? Are there any other issues with the shoes except cosmetically at the bottom of the shoes?

If not, I suggest you not trouble yourself trying to get any sort of satisfaction from the Tod's people. You'll probably invest more time and money than the shoe is worth. I say just peel off the sole so that chunks aren't coming off (it's the sole anyway, it will inevitably get worn off) and just wear as normal.

Then next time you want to buy another pair of Tod's shoes, remember this experience (tell the SA as well).
Oct 29, 2006
That's insane. My husband mainly wears Tods for work and has commented that the shoes I got for him from Bicester/The Mall in Florence are just not wearing as well as the ones he has from the boutiques. I wonder if its because it's a factory line and therefore they skimmed on quality control. All the same OP, I think a cobbler would be able to help you better. The shop may just dismiss it as wear and tear.


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Aug 25, 2008
Wow, that should not have happened especially after wearing it twice!

I'm wondering if (as in other threads) Tod's is sending different/lesser quality items to their outlets? I know a ton of brands do that now...maybe that's why this pair didn't hold up like other Tod's pairs...


Apr 6, 2007
Omg! I had same experience! I bought a new moccasin drivers from Chicago boutique, I wore it only 4 times and the thread became loose. I called the store they said there was nothing they can do. I called the 1800 number and left them a message. It has been 3 weeks, no words from them! Very very disappointed with the quality of their products and service!



Jun 10, 2014
OP...did this get resolved? I hope you managed to get an exchange/refund!

Christy...that's not good! I hope they get back to you soon!