My new Tod's D-bag!

  1. :yahoo:I finally made a choice!
    All summer I was wondering which would be my new bag. I was almost decided on getting a Hermès since I'm a leather-lover :p and I do love theirs.
    I looked at their "cheaper" models but couldn't get myself to spend that much on a bag now. I have come to the decision that I should buy a Hermès bag now. The guilt would be too much for me! So... maybe a little bit later!
    Tod's bags also have great leathers, as do Bottega Veneta. I've always liked the D-bag, so this morning I made my decision. Called a girlfriend and ended up with this:


    Just wanted to share my joy!
    I do wish we had a Tod's sub-forum but oh well...
    thanks for reading!
    2007_09080018.JPG 2007_09080019.JPG 2007_09080020.JPG
  2. Beautiful and CLASSIC - congrats! :tup:
  3. Absolutely beautiful....great choice!! Congrats!! Post a modeling photo!! :tup:
  4. Thanks guys!
    There you go:
  5. I love it! The D Bag is such a great classic bag.
  6. Just adorable - I love, love, love Tods and always think they are wonderful no matter where or when I see them. You have terrific taste - congratulations!
  7. Congrats!
  8. Thanks guys! :flowers:
  9. I LOVE this bag! I think you made a great choise, it looks really nice on you
  10. Oops! obviously I meant "shouldn't"! LOL
  11. :tup:
    Great choice!!
    Tod's bags are so classy and durable!
  12. Love it! What a classy looking bag! The leather looks gorgeous and I really like the handles...
  13. I love that bag, it is so pretty!
  14. What a great bag! I have in black in the large, I love it! You will really enjoy this bag. I love the color you got!
  15. Absolutely beautiful! Congratulations!