My new Tod's ballet flats *photos*

  1. They are SO ridiculously comfortable. I even went for a 20-minute morning walk in them!

    Without flash:

    With flash:

  2. Those are cute! What other colors do they come in?
  3. I love Tod's driving shoes. So comfortable. Love the silver.
  4. I have a pair of Tod's flats in white. They're so comfy and worth every penny. Congrats on your purchase.
  5. Those are so cute! Congratulations!
  6. So seriously jealous of your new shoes!
  7. LOVE these - nice colour for this season - perfect combo: metallics, ballet flats and Tod's
  8. They are adorable!
  9. Absolutely love them! I love anything Tod's and it is interesting to see them get on the metallic bandwagon this year. In bags and shoes!
  10. Thanks girls!! :heart:

    wordpast - I believe they come in red patent, black patent, and gold. Check to be sure...
  11. I love that style. :heart: I bought a very similar pair of Tods last year in black... the bottoms are the best. No slipping!
  12. Really cute! Tods flats are too cute this season.
  13. Wow, I love them. I want them also.
  14. I love them too! They are so cute, and I love the silver. I've been searching for a silver pair of ballet flats, and had narrowed it down to Kate Spade, Delman or Tory Burch, but now...those are looking so tempting too!
  15. I have a question, since the back of the shoe scruntches up, do you think it will hurt your heel after a while?

    I wanted to get a pair of Tory Burch flats, but my friend said that they kill her heel and they are similar to these Tods.

    Just wondering because I would love to buy a pair of these Tods.