My new Tobacco....

  1. I finally got my paddy from NAP!
    It arrived in Perth on Thursday night and I was so excited about getting it on Friday, but nobody was home when they came. So I had to wait all weekend and I finally got it when I got home from work! Yay!
    It's a beautiful colour, although it's not as soft as my 05 Rouge and it smells different.
    I will post pictures soon, I can't right now because my dad is overseas with the camera.

    I didn't receive a dustbag with my bag. I'm a bit worried. Has this happened to anyone else?
  2. Hi Mikki,
    Congrats for your new tabacco, i'm so sad to beeing able to get on on NAP this last week :crybaby:

    I heard some girsl don't get a chloe dustbag, but instead a" target="_blank" class="TPFinsert" rel="nofollow">Net-A-Porter bag.
    Better than nothing but it is not normal !

    I think you have to send a mail to NP to tell them you didn't received a dust bag. It's a shame !

    Let me know what they will say tot you about it. ;)
  3. I didn't receive any sort of dustbag. I thought it was a bit strange.
    I sent them an email, still waiting on a reply.
  4. I've found emailing is more effective than phoning, for some reason. I hope you get your dustbag! :biggrin:
  5. congrats on your new bag, looking forward to seeing the piccies.

    It is very odd that they did not send you ANY type of dustbag though ;), as posted before, they usually atleast pop it into a NAP one, but hey, for this price, I wouldnt be too overly concerned ;)
  6. I know I got a bargain and everything, but what if I want to sell the bag later on down the track? It might be a bit hard without a dustbag, it might even be hard with a NAP one.
  7. Mikki, if you are concerned, send an email and tell them that you are very surprised that your bag did not come with a dustbag! even at 50% off it was still nearly 400 pounds and that you want one ;)
    worth sending to see what they say :smile:
  8. Thanks chloe-babe, I already sent one. Just waiting on a reply. Hopefully I'll get one soon!
  9. Congrats on receiving your new Paddy Mikki!! I'm sure NAP will send you a Chloe dustbag. I can't believe that they didn't at least put the bag in a NAP dustbag. When I got my Tobacco (Brun) Paddy, it was wrapped with the Chloe dustbag then the NAP dustbag. Let us know what they say to you. And can't wait to see your pics.
  10. Did it come in a NAP box? Mine came in the Chloe dustbag and the NAP dustbag, and the box. Definitely ping them and demand a nice dustbag!
  11. Travelbug and Missypoo I guess you have the others NAP bag.:P
  12. It came in the NAP box. And no dustbag.
    It surely couldn't be fake, could it? Am I wrong to question?
  13. Have you heard from NAP yet Mikki? Your'e bag should be real since NAP only sells authentic bags.
  14. Congrats!!!!:yahoo: :nuts:

    I know what you mean about the smell - it is totally different, IMO, not as distinct (or nice) as some of the 'older' bags.

    And NAP only ever sell authentic please don't worry:yes:

    Enjoy your new paddy!:flowers:
  15. Hey, i want to attach my tobacco pics, but i don't know how to watermark....anyone?