My new to me Vieux Rose City

  1. She arrived last thursday! :smile:

  2. Congrats.. yet another pink bag?? LOL
  3. Thanks Hon!:smile: did u get your RB?
  4. not yet, I have contacted Cannes, contemplating between RH and mini rose gold. I think most likely I'll go with rose gold :smile:
  5. i think RB looks good with rose gold! i miss my RB tho. i kinda regret letting her go:sad:
  6. yeah.. its a sweet color... don't feel sad, you have viex rose now, its a niceet different pink. You are not getting the BL velo?
  7. thanks! i did get BL. Velo is arriving next week!:smile: my last purchase for this year! i hope :P
  8. Wow, 3 bags on 2 weeks!! I think that velo is a gorgeous combo
  9. i know! im feeling sick:smile: lol!
  10. Congrats on all your bags
  11. Congrats :smile:
    Vieux Rose is one of my fav pink ^^
    Sad it is not a popular colour in tpf.
  12. Love Vieux Rose! Congrats on a beautiful bag ;)
  13. :woohoo::woohoo::woohoo: You got one too!!! It's gorg. Congrats hun!
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    Been eyeing Bal bags for ages now...........finally took the plunge and bought this beauty......I'm in LOVE!!:biggrin:

    oops, I'm sorry, i didn't manage to attach my pic, it failed to appear:sad: